Ultimate California Walnut Commission Cooking Competetion

The California Walnut Commission in collaboration with Chef Thomas A. Gugler, president of Worldchefs is organizing Ultimate California Walnut Commission Cooking Competition.

This cooking virtual recipe competition is applied globally and we are looking for 1(one) recipe per candidate for one of the 2 (two) following categories:

  1. “Regular Diet” without restriction’s and the usage of “California Walnut ”.
  2. “Vegan Diet” taken in considerations that the entire dish must be fully vegan without exception and with “California Walnut”.

The recipe has to be created in the following structure:

  1. Name of the Dish
  2. Name of the person   who created the dish
  3. Recipe quantity list
  4. Fiche technique/ working technique



The entire documents has to be sent in to the following emails:



for evaluation by an international operating judges team of 6 global recognized judges from 6 different countries.

All the recipes must be sent in with:

1 (One) photo of the dish taken by android


1 (One) photo of the chef mentioning his position, title and country of origin/work place.

 The Top 3 (three) recipes in every category will be invited for the final physical cook off in a country which will be announced in due time.

All the related cost of tickets, accommodation, visa etc. will be borne by CWC.