California Walnuts Sustainability Statement: The Intersection of Legacy and Innovation

The California walnut industry has spent more than a century caring for the land, the people with whom we work and our local communities. This approach has helped our industry grow and thrive, and to be sustainable for generations to come.

Our industry is comprised of 4,800 walnut growers, many of whom are multigenerational family farmers, and close to 90 handlers who pack and ship walnuts. Together, our commitment to sustainability is deeply rooted in our California heritage, rich farming knowledge and good stewardship practices for the sake of future generations of walnut growers. It is also informed by science and advanced with the help of new technologies and innovations that reduce our impacts on the environment.

As an industry, we are mindful of the health of water, air and soil around us along with the well-being of the people our business touches each day. As such, we are focused on continuous improvements to lessen our impacts while growing the world’s highest quality walnuts.